A Sequel to Greatness

After a successful installation of the first ROYAL BOON EDAM Revolving Door in Sub Saharan Africa at the Old Mutual head office in Pinelands in 1992, Jack Frost Cape Town Pty Ltd. (now trading as FROST INTERNATIONAL) were called upon once again in 1993, to complete a project at the Sanlam Head Office in Bellville, Cape Town.
This was to be Jack Frost’s second ROYAL BOON EDAM Revolving door and brought much excitement and enthusiasm with the installation.
The project involved the supply and installation of 2 large diameter Tourniket automatic revolving doors, with 1 standard size swing door in the centre.
These revolving doors were the initial design what is now known as the CRYSTAL Tourniket. They are a combination of framed and frameless glass.
The decided diameter for each revolving door was 2500mm, with 4 collapsible door leaves, allowing for a quick and simple exit in the case of an emergency.
The architects involved on this project were EHH Architects and due to the great success of the installation completed at Old Mutual Head Office, the decision to select Jack Frost was a simple one.
By working hand in hand with EHH (Andrew Cunningham at that time), Jack Frost was able to provide Sanlam Head Office with a unique and innovative entrance solution that would set the bench mark for all entrance solutions of this kind.
This successful project was just the second footprint along a journey that would take Jack Frost to great heights and cement them as one of the biggest and most exclusive names in the entrance solutions industry going forward.