Alluser Industrie

alluserAbout Alluser Industrie:

Alluser Industrie was founded in 1968 as manufacturer of aluminium window frames for public and private institutions. Creativity, flexibility and a reliable after-sales service are the pillars of the broad success achieved by the company in the Italian market since the seventies.

In 1976, Alluser acknowledged the changing conditions of the market and developed one of the most innovative Integrated Systems of Security and Access Control: The Motorized Automatic Portal with Curved Doors.

The first installation took place 30 years ago in a Venetian Palace that hosted the offices of an important Public Building. Since then many new projects for large corporations and Central Offices of Italian Government have been undertaken, including applications in areas of maximum security throughout Italy and abroad.

Today Alluser Industrie is proud of its many patents, a worldwide distribution network, and a position of technological leadership.