Frost International Heritage Day Celebration

To celebrate Heritage Day, the Frost International team put themselves to work by cooking up a storm.
They decided to have a potjie as opposed to the traditional braai to highlight the diverse cultures within the company.
There was a selection of dishes including seafood, lamb bredie, beef, Tai chicken curry and even some bunny chow.
The sales team started off the event with an introductory rap about Frost International, which incorporated every division of the company.
This later led to a number of the staff showing off their inner talents by making full use of the karaoke machine that was on hire for the duration of the day.
With so much singing talent in the company, they might have to call the next event “Frost International’s got talent”.
The day was filled with much fun and laughter and it is a clear example as to why Frost International have such a great work force.
Frost International are proud of the success of this celebration and are very keen to carry on with future team building functions.