Frost International on the Tshwane Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)

In 2011 Frost International made an innovative leap in platform safety with the development of the station interface system (SIS) and remote monitoring device, for use in-conjunction with the Frost Automatic Sliding Door Operator.
The success of this innovation was highlighted when the City of Cape Town adopted the system for their MyCITI Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), public transport system.
With the success of the roll-out of the BRT across Cape Town *, Frost International were called upon to assist with the Tshwane A Re Yeng BRT project.
The City of Tshwane commenced the construction of their BRT system in Arcadia, Hatfield, in July 2012, and it has been fully, and successfully, operational since 1 December 2014.
There two types of services in use within the A Re Yeng, these being the “Trunk” and “Feeder” services;

• Trunk Services – Buses run on dedicated lanes, with stations located in the central
median of the road from CBD to Hatfield.
• Feeder Services – Buses run on mixed-traffic lanes bringing passengers to the Trunk

The appointment of Frost International to assist with the implementation of the City of Tshwane’s BRT system was a proud moment for the company and another step forward in the exciting journey ahead for their development team.
Frost International is pleased with the current success and progress of their system and look forward to an on-going and long lasting relationship with the City of Tshwane.