Alluser C3 Security Portal


High Security Automated Portal 

The Alluser C3 security portal is a large, roomy, secure portal which allows the transit of 4 to 5 people at a time and is large enough to accept wheelchair users, mothers with baby carriages and accommodate elderly people who find it difficult opening a heavy door on traditional man traps.

The transparency of the structure, 80% of which is constructed from glass, is amplified by the dimensions of the portal and  is elegant, modern and refined which gives prestige to the surrounding environment.

The secure access portal is built to stop criminals, to absorb blows, and to reject bullets without sacrificed aesthetic design. The combination of transparency and modern technological power which is great for adaptability to modern or historical buildings.

The Alluser C3 Secure Portal has optimal functioning, proven by the silent movements of the system which means precision, reliability, encouraging the user to trust the product.

Typical ares of use include the banking sector, server rooms, governmental buildings, jewellery stores and embassies.

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  • The portal acts as a deterrent to robbers and therefore reduce the risk of robberies
  • Employ less guards
  • Reduced insurance fees
  • Increased comfort level of clients and employees due to the high level of security
  • The Portal can be integrated with Metal Detectors and Biometrics
  • Energy savings
  • Generally more economical than TVCC Access Control
  • Greater control ensured, by integrating the cabin with the A.P.D. System (which is also called anti-hostage device, because of the impossibility of a 2-persons transit)

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