Boon Edam Speedlane 900


Medium Capacity  |  Medium Security

Our Speedlane 900 security lane guarantees fast, smooth and efficient access control in two directions. Sliding doors open into the casings, permit authorised passage and block unauthorised entry, while visible and audible alarms draw the attention of security or reception personnel.

The Speedlane 900 has several options in finishing and can be manufactured to match or complement many surroundings, making this security barrier appropriate for almost any building.

The attractive design of the Speedlane 900 offers an exclusive security solution for environments such as reception areas in corporate, governmental and financial offices, museums or passenger terminals.

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Product Specs

Supply and install  BOON EDAM SPEEDLANE 900 pedestrian security lanes to the following specification:

  • (….no.) Line-ups, comprising of ( ….no.) standard lanes and ( ….no.) wide lane.
  • Speedlane 900 units constructed from brushed stainless steel AISI 304 with a (satin polished stainless steel/granite/marble/timber) top cover.
  • Door wings are to be constructed of 10 mm tempered safety glass at (1200/1400/1600/1800mm ) high.
  • Advanced safety sensor system that prevent wings from closing on person or object located within the safety zone.
  • Battery back-up to prevent malfunction and last action to open door wings, including upon activation of the fire alarm.
  • Adaptations for integration of proximity or other card reader.
  • BoonTouch Universal Remote Control/External control panel

All of the above to be supplied and installed by Frost International +27 21 709 0401 /

Please contact us to assist with product specification

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