Boon Edam Swinglane 900


Medium Capacity  |  Medium Security

The Swinglane 900 security lane combines swinging door wings with a long security lane to create a high capacity security barrier that will ensure only authorised visitors can enter your secured area.

A long detection lane allows for more accurate tailgating detection, while the swinging door wing forms a welcoming entrance. This makes the Swinglane 900 an inviting security barrier in your lobby.

A wide passage for disabled can be installed at the end of a row of Swinglanes with an external control panel to control this passage. You will find Swinglanes in many types of buildings including corporate, governmental and financial offices.

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Product Specs

Supply and install  BOON EDAM SWINGLANE 300 pedestrian security lanes to the following specification:

  • (….no.) Line-ups comprising of ( ….no.) standard lanes and ( ….no.) wide lane.
  • Swinglane 900 units constructed from brushed stainless steel AISI 304 with a (satin polished stainless steel/timber) top cover.
  • Door wings are to be constructed of 10 mm tempered safety glass.
  • Advanced safety sensor system that prevent wings from closing on person or object located within the safety zone.
  • In case of a power failure the lock and motor will disengage allowing the user to manually open the door wing.
  • If a fire alarm system is connected to the Swinglane 900, the barrier will open outward automatically in an alarm situation
  • Adaptations for integration of proximity or other card reader.
  • Pedestal for mounting of external card readers. (Optional)
  • BoonTouch Universal Remote Control/External control panel.

All of the above to be supplied and installed by Frost International +27 21 709 0401 /

Please contact us to assist with product specification

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