Boon Edam Twinglock 900


Medium Capacity  |  Medium Security  

The Twinglock 900 security lane offers a stylish indoor security access control solution. The frameless tempered safety glass door wings are mounted in two opposing columns housing the drive, control system and locking mechanisms.

The stylish transparent design of stainless steel and glass fits unobtrusively into most surroundings.

The Twinglock 900 can be placed at projects that need controlled access like office buildings, fitness centres, swimming pools, government buildings, pleasure and gambling facilities etc.

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Product Specs

Supply and install  BOON EDAM TWINGLOCK 900 pedestrian security lanes to the following specification

  • (….no.) Line -ups comprising of ( ….no.) standard lanes.
  • Standard mode to create a narrower 70° entrance for passage of a single authorised person and special mode so that door wings fully open to 90° to create a wider passage for wheelchairs, trolleys or large luggage.
  • The Twinglock 900 column and 48 mm tube frame are finished in brushed stainless steel 320s, AISI 304.
  • The 10 mm tempered glass door wings are mounted with clamps concealed within the column.
  • Advanced safety sensor system that prevent wings from closing on person or object located within the safety zone.
  • Fail-safe operation to ensure the lock and motor will disengage in the event of a power failure to allow free passage.
  • Alternatively, if back-up power is available, the Twinglock 900 is to be programmed to open fully in the escape direction upon receipt of a fire alarm.
  • Adaptations for integration of a proximity card reader
  • Pedestal for mounting of external card readers.
  • BoonTouch Universal Remote Control/External control panel

All of the above to be supplied and installed by Frost International +27 21 709 0401 /

Please contact us to assist with product specification

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