Special Needs Gates


Low Capacity | Low Security 

The Special Needs Gate is used in conjunction with turnstile access which provides controlled unassisted closing access for trolley’s, wheelchairs or baby buggy’s.

Designed for interior and covered exterior installations in light operating conditions. Available in 90° and 180° opening configurations and is suited for applications requiring low volume access and low level levels of security.

Extensively used in applications such as office receptions, universities, health clubs, museums and libraries.

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Product Specs

Supply and install the Special Needs Gate to the following specifications:

  • Overall dimensions approximately 1 158mm wide x 900mm high
  • 38mm diameter 304 grade stainless steel frame
  • 6.5mm toughened glass insert
  • 180kg magnetic lock
  • Floor spring door closer
  • Vesconite hinge bushes

All of the above to be supplied and installed by Frost International +27 21 709 0401 / info@frostint.com

Please contact us to assist with product specification

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