Speedlane Slide

Medium Capacity | Medium Security

The Speedlane Slide interacts with those who approach it, managing and guiding authorised users through to the secured areas of buildings.
Part of the Lifeline series, the Speedlane Slide has been designed to the highest standards, ahead of industry trends.
The Speedlane Slide is available with a whole array of dimensional and glass choices. Whether it’s for a higher security level or disabled access, every combination is possible.
The distinctive black glass top instantly gives an air of sleek design, while the finish of the cabinet can be customised to the latest design trends, offering the opportunity to blend-in or stand-out from its surroundings.


Product Specs

Supply and install  BOON EDAM SPEEDLANE SLIDE pedestrian security lanes to the following specification:

Diameter / Unit Width (mm) 312 – 512
Barrier Height (mm) 980 – 1800
Capacity (per minute) 25-30
Security Level (0 – 5)
# of Door Wings 2
Disabled Access
Fail Safe / Fail Secure /
Collapsible Door Set or Barrier
Finish Stainless Steel with Black Glass Top
Options Barrier Free Mode
External Control Panel
Jump Over Detection Sensors
Power Supply 110-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption (Operating) 80W
Power Consumption (Stationary) 60W
Power Consumption (Sleep mode) 40W
Ambient Temperature -15°C to +50°C
Weight 330kg

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