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The Advantages of Speedlanes in Improving Building Security

Speedlanes are an effective solution for improving building security by providing a high level of access control, preventing tailgating, and reducing the risk of unauthorised entry. Designed to add aesthetic value and engineered to benefit smart building systems, Speedlanes are a top choice for anyone looking to improve security and pedestrian flow.

Speedlanes are typically designed with multiple sensors that detect the presence and movement of users. This ensures that only authorised people are allowed to enter, while also preventing tailgating. In addition to sensors, speedlanes can also be configured with features such as AI facial recognition, fingerprint scanning, or card readers, further enhancing access control.

Speedlanes are often used in high-security areas such as airports, government buildings, or data centres. They can also be installed in commercial buildings to provide an extra layer of security. The seamless integration of speedlanes into a building's design ensures a sleek and modern look while enhancing user safety and convenience.

Speedlanes offer several advantages over traditional security measures, such as turnstiles or security guards.

  • Speedlanes can process more users per minute, leading to faster and more efficient entry and exit.

  • They offer more comprehensive access control, allowing facility managers to restrict access to certain areas or times of the day.

  • Speedlanes reduce the need for personnel, such as security guards, and can lead to significant cost savings over time.

Speedlanes are a secure and efficient solution for controlling access to buildings, enhancing user safety and convenience while also reducing the risk of unauthorised entry. By providing a high level of access control, preventing tailgating, and offering more comprehensive security measures, speedlanes are an effective way to improve building security.

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