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Building Excellence: 5 Ways Frost International Can Take Your Project to the Next Level

As an architect or planner, you understand the importance of selecting the right solutions for a building from the very beginning. From ensuring the safety and satisfaction of future occupants to optimising the functionality and aesthetic appeal of the space, every decision counts. Frost International offers a comprehensive range of entrance and interior solutions to help you create a space that is both functional and visually appealing. Here are five ways Frost International can take your building to the next level.

Enhance Security

Frost International's security entrance solutions such as Boon Edam's Speedlanes provide an extra layer of security, preventing unauthorised access to the building through the use of advanced sensors that detect tailgating, and piggybacking. These solutions ensure that only authorised personnel can enter the premises, enhancing the safety and security of the building.

Create Flexible Spaces

Frost International's Ifuba Hufcor acoustic operable walls offer a range of functional benefits, allowing a building to easily adapt to changing space requirements. These walls provide the ability to quickly and easily reconfigure a space as needed, making them ideal for conference rooms, event spaces, or any area that requires flexibility.

Improve Energy Efficiency and Reduce Man Hours

Upgrading to an energy-efficient entrance solution such as Frost International's revolving doors or automatic sliding doors can significantly reduce energy costs. These doors minimise heat loss during winter, preventing cold air from entering and warm air from escaping, leading to significant energy savings. Conversely, during summer, these doors retain cool air, providing a comfortable environment for visitors and tenants alike. Automated solutions can also be a cost-effective security solution compared to traditional manned security measures. They require minimal maintenance and can operate 24/7 without the need for additional staff.

Enhance Aesthetics

A building's interior and exterior entrance are its first impression, and upgrading to a sleek and modern entrance solution can significantly enhance the visual appeal of the building. Frost International offers a range of customisable entrance solutions that are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing, creating a positive first impression for visitors and tenants alike.

Increase Accessibility

Upgrading to an automatic sliding door, revolving door, or speedlane can make a building more accessible for all individuals, including those with disabilities or mobility issues. These doors provide a safe and easy-to-use entry and exit point, ensuring that everyone can access the building with ease. Speedlanes especially are designed to handle a high volume of traffic, ensuring that visitors can move through the entrance quickly and efficiently. This is especially important in buildings with a large number of visitors, such as airports, museums, and office buildings.

Frost International is the go-to provider of high-quality entrance and interior solutions that can significantly improve your building's functionality, aesthetics, energy efficiency, security, and accessibility. Whether you're starting from the ground up or upgrading an existing building, Frost International has the expertise and product range to help you achieve your goals.

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